mariana bolaños

Mariana Bolaños is a Mexican artist based in Toronto. She has created a diverse body of work in painting, sculpture, and installation. Focusing on art with a social purpose, she works as a facilitator in community programs engaging people with disabilities, immigrants, women, and children. Mariana also collaborates actively with the Latin-American community looking to share and exchange talents with other cultural groups. Mariana has participated in several exhibitions in Canada, Cuba and Mexico, some of them include “Arte en forma de mujer”, Roots and Dia de muertos: el arte de los vivos at the Artscape Wychwood Barns.

She has been part of “El evento de Ramon” in Cuba twice and the 3rd Land Art Festival- “Paricutin” in Mexico. Mariana has a Diploma in Fine Arts as well as three-year Bachelor of Visual Arts.